Harmony One - Wall Dock and Mount

Introduction: Harmony One - Wall Dock and Mount

I recently got a Logitech harmony One remote (like the Harmony 900 but not RF capable). The remote is great however it does not run on regular batteries. It is rechargeable, with charging dock/cradle. The problem i have  is where to put this dock / charger base so that it can be plugged in all the time and out of the way of my 2 year old. That inspired me to investigate the possibility of a wall mounting remote next to my wall mounted TV where it could be power and always in a place i can find it.

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Step 1: Parts Needed

-Harmony One Remote
-Harmony One Remote Charger Base
-Plastic Card (like Credit card)
-Small Philips Head Screwdriver)
-Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
-Blue Masking Tape
-Small magnetic disk about the size of a dime (Don't use a Dime because thy are not that magnetic) washer could also work.
-Strong Round Magnet width of the Dime and about 4-5 Dimes in height stacked

Step 2: Disassemble Remote and Base

First thing we need to to is open the casing of the Remote and Charger base to install the magnet and metal disk. This is basically the secret to how the remote stays wall docked.

"junk on wheels" made a good Instructable on the tear-down of the Harmony one so you might want to check it out to get more detail on taking it apart. Remember the key hear is taking it slow and carefully as you don't want to permanently destroy your nice remote. Also it goes without saying this probably voids your warranty (unless you bought it at Walmart , they will take anything back.)

Step 3: Install Magnet and Magnetic Disk

Now that you have the Remote and Charger base open we will install the magnet and the metal disk.
-fist make sure ribbon cable on remote circuit board does not get disconnected.

-you will need to remove the rectangular metal weight in the base charger to make room for the magnet.

-use the Hot Glue gun to install the magnet in the base and the disk in the remote.(you might need to scrape away some of the plastic in the remote to get the metal disk to fit well.)
-i found that if you install the magnet in the base first, You could then place the disk in the remote cover, place it over the base to make sure the disk lines up with the magnet position perfectly before/ while gluing it in the remote.

-then place a small piece of tape over the metal disk and the magnet so it will not short anything on the circuit board.

Step 4: Reassemble and Test

once everything looks good, reassemble the remote and test is out before putting back all the screws.

Step 5: Wall Mount Remote Charger / Base

The method I used for mounting the remote to the wall is as follows.
(this will work on a smooth wall)
Place a piece of masking tape over the area on the wall you want to mount the remote. Make sure the piece of tape is not larger than the remote base.
Apply several bumps of hot glue about a couple of inches apart on the tape, as illustrated.
make sure the power cable/connector is attached to the base.
apply the remote base to the gluey tape and hold for a few seconds until the glue hardens.

the beauty of the hot glue and masking table is if you want to remove it if from the wall; the tape will not leave marks on the wall and the glue will peal/pop off the bottom of the remote and not leave any marks .

Now dock the remote to the base..
and ..

Enjoy your new Harmony one wall dock!!

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