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Introduction: Harry Potter: Henna a Dark Mark

My friend and I are dressing up as Death Eaters for the movie premiere and book launch - we decided to complete the package by hennaing dark marks onto our left forearms.

Step 1: Template

Print off the following image and choose a size suitable for your arm. Cut out the design. Use an exacto-knife to cut out the eye sockets (this will give you a guideline for where to place the skull) as well as the 'holes' in the snake (where it makes the figure-8).

Step 2: Trace

Place the template on your friend's arm and trace around it using a pen. You could probably also use eyeliner for this.

Once the outline is complete, remove the stencil. Using it as a reference, fill in the details.

Step 3: Henna It Up

Start tracing the design using henna. I got mine off ebay. Try to apply the henna at a vertical 90 degree angle, this will help you be more precise and prevent your hand from smudging the work you have done before.

Step 4: Let It Dry

Let the henna dry. The longer you leave it on, the darker it's supposed to be. I left mine on overnight. I've also heard that steaming it (putting your hand over a kettle boiling) also makes the henna darker once it's set.

Once you've left it on long enough, scratch/rub the henna off. Wash off the pen/eyeliner with soap and water.

This is how mine turned out!



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    is very so cool!

    Um. Tracing is a decent idea but its easier to print it out place it on your arm and put rubbing alcohol over it o________o. That leaves a perfect copy of it on your arm. I have a henna booklet and it recommends doing that..

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    face down or face up? or does it not matter? i've also had henna artists trace the design onto tracing paper, applying roll on gel to the area where the henna would be (it almost looked like gel deodorant) then lay the tracing paper face down over that, and the ink was transferred onto my skin

    It probably was gel deodorant. That's what tattoo artists use. And...the design needs to be face down so the ink is transferred. This will require a mirror image print. ;)

    The skull should be closest to your elbow, with the rest of the mark going down towards your wrist. For most effect it should be done on the left arm.

    hey can the alcohol be substituted for like water or somthing else or does it have to be the rub on alcohol?

    wat i meant id put your arm over the smoke

    a brilliant thing to do is burn some cloves and place your hand over it...being indian, i reccommend using lemon and sugar, honey and oil. oh and dont exfoliate the area at all!!!

    you could just use a permanent pen or something if you didnt want to use henna (like me) but i spose it wouldnt last very long

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    I've done Sharpie calligraphy on my friends, and it came off after about two or three days. No harm done.

    I love this! I wish I found it years ago in time for the book releases. Oh well..come July, I'll be as nerdy as possible, dark mark included. :)

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    I'm Being Barty Crouch Jr., but I'm also bringing My Sonic Screw Driver because David Tennet played The Doctor, too.