Harry Potter Book Cover Costume

You can make a book cover to be different from all the others. It doesn't have to be harry potter the directions are general and can be adjusted for another book.

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Step 1: Find Cardboard

Find a nice strong piece of cardboard, Make sure it is sturdy

Step 2: Get Your Book

Get your book it does not have to be harry potter the directions can be modified.

Step 3: Sketch the Title

Sketch the title in the closest manor to the way it is written on the book.

Step 4: Add a Sub-Title (if There Is One)

Draw in the same manor as the title.

Step 5: Draw the Subject

Draw the person or Thing on the cover. Draw in as much detail as possible.

Step 6: Add the Background

Add the background.

Step 7: Cut Out the Head Hole

Cut out a spot for your head or eyes. Use as exact-knife. You may have to lift up the cardboard when cutting. Pop it out when done.

Step 8: Paint the Words

Paint the Title in with a matching color. I used tempera you can use any kind of paint. If you are trick or treating you may use waterproof.

Step 9: Paint the Subject

Paint the subject. Use similar colors. Again i used tempera paint. I would recommend it because i went trick or treating in it and it was pouring rain. The paint didn't even bleed.

Step 10: Create a Skin Color (if Needed)

I mixed yellow with white and red to create that color of skin. I would say it is a nice color.

Step 11: Paint the Skin

Paint with the color you just made. Paint in the Lines you drew.

Step 12: Admire

Admire. OK back to work. Think you are done. Nope. Background time!!

Step 13: Add the Background

Paint the back any color of the book. In Deathly Hallows that would be a dark yellow. I used a roller. You can buy one at Joann fabrics. Make sure to cover all.

Step 14: Paint the Sub-Titles

Paint the sub-title with the same fashion you drew it with. Paint it the color it is on the book. In my case Brown.

Step 15: Paint the Details

Add the details. In my case it is a Colosseum.

Step 16: Done!!!!!

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