Harry Potter DIY Bookmark

Hello ! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan ! and I finally created bookmarks for my HP books :)

This DIY is great for potterheads . It's easy and you can personalize it .


Step 1: Things You Need...

colored paper (colors :: skin, red, black , yellow) {Note:This color combinations are for harry potter bookmark only}

paper clip



black sketch pen


super glue

Step 2: Draw

Step 3: Cut It

Step 4:

do as shown in pics

Step 5:

do some detailing

and cut it out

Step 6:

stick it with glue

Step 7: Detailing

draw it wit black sketch pen

Step 8: Gryffinder Scarf

do as shown in pics

Step 9:

cut it and give details to it as shown in pic

Step 10:

cut strips of red colored paper

Step 11:

stick it on the scarf as sown in pic

and cut the extra parts of strips afterwards

Step 12:

now stick it as shown in pic to give harry potter look

Step 13: Last Step

now stick it to the paper clip using super glue

Step 14:

your Harry potter bookmark is ready....

enjoy :)



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    2 years ago

    so adorable

    all my friends love Harry Potter so these would be great gifts