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Introduction: Harry Potter Death Eater Skull Mask Tutorial

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Get your wands Ready Magical Folk! We are going to sculpt and create a Harry potter Death Eater mask.

Materials Used (All can be purchased from Amazon or your local Art shop, Links Below)

Rigid Wrap - Amazon Link

Mod Podge- Amazon Link

Plastilina Non Drying Clay- Amazon Link

Acrylic Paint - Amazon Link

Elastic Band - Amazon Link

Step 1: Sculpt Your Mask!

On a face cast or flat surface you are going to use the plastilina clay and scult the skull shape. Use a reference photo.

Tips and Tricks for sculpt:

  • Sculpt with the surface vertical so its looking you right in the face
  • Sculpt using pieces of clay in tube or ball shapes
  • Don't worry about detail, your main concern is the overall structure, details are added later
  • Don't rush!! take your time and if you mess up add or take away clay, its Non drying!!

Step 2: Using Rigid Wrap!

After sculpting when you are satisfied move on to the rigid wrap Cut the rigid wrap into small one inch strips and use warm water to make the strips pliable.

Tips and Tricks for Rigid Wrap:

  • Take your time and smooth out anything rough
  • Make strips small enough to move around edges of eyes but not too small because you want it to be sturdy.
  • Fold strips in half around tender areas like the bridge of the nose.
  • Use bigger strips areas that have no details like the forehead
  • Go over the strips a few times, it take at least 3 layers!

After your Done wait a FULL 24 hours, otherwise you risk breaking the mask.

If you do break anything don't worry, you can do some easy patching with more wrap!

Step 3: Mod Podge That Bad Boy

Use Mod Podge Matte over the front and the back of the mask! wait for it to dry an hour or two before moving on!

Step 4: Paint Party!

Alright Witches get out your paints!

How I painted it:

  • Using a dark brown acrylic paint that has been watered down i used a sponge to stiple the base coat. It makes it more translucent and weathered.
  • Keep the water handy! Dilute the brown tones and work the color up, Its easier to add more paint than it is to take it away!

Step 5: Apply Strap

Lets get connected shall we?

You can glue a piece of Velcro, elastic or an old bra strap as the way to attach it to your head! Make sure you measure it!

Step 6: Mischief Managed!

Mischief Managed, Do you Solemnly Swear your up to no good? Perfect!

If you would like to see it in video format go here:

Sculpting process

Finishing Touches

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    1 year ago on Step 6

    Hi, you don't mention the former you are applying the clay too - is it a cast of your face, or a generic polystyrene face?