Harry Potter Fans! Quidditch Beer Pong!

Introduction: Harry Potter Fans! Quidditch Beer Pong!

Hi everyone!

I recently saw a segment on a college website about some students having a Harry Potter costume party where they made a "Quidditch Beer Pong" game. Now, that being said; I too have created a Quidditch pong game (it was actually about a year or so ago). Anyways not to toot my own horn or anything but i thought mine was a little more...creative and had more of a Potter feel to it. So here it is.

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Step 1: Items Needed to Build

1. A 6ft folding banquet table: This can be found pretty much anywhere. I bought mine for about $34 at WalMart.
2. A sheet of Plywood: Approximately 1/4" thick and about 3' x 6' (or close to the size of the table)
3. Six 1/4" to 1/2" Dowel rods. These will serve as the poles for the Goal rings.
4. PVC tubing: Approximately 3 and 3/4" wide. (I based it on the opening of a disposable Solo cup typically used in beer pong)
5. Mini Beach Ball: You can usually find these at a pool supply store or even target once they get there pool/ beach supplies.
6. Small Craft Bells: I found these at Michaels and serve as an indication sound for when someone scores a point.
7. Fishing Line: You can really use any sort of "springy" string.
8. Shot glasses: these will serve as the snitch.
9. Pins or Command hooks: Used to mount the bludger to the ceiling.
10. Ping Pong Balls: Quaffles!
11. 2Empty paper towel rolls: These will serve at Bats for the beaters.

Step 2: The Pitch!

Please keep in mind that this is my first "instructable" if you have questions feel free to message me :)

The first image is of the board i made for my party about a year or so ago. the rings are made out of wiring. Since then i have made PVC rings since its WAY more durable...But you get a good idea of how it is.

The second image is a quick diagram(sorta) that i drew up really quick...sorry...i know it needs to be rotated.

I designed my board so it would be recognized as a Quidditch pitch but of course do what you want. I also cut it into two pieces so that i could easily store it. Paint job is optional of course.

1. make sure it fits on the table.
2. Drill SIX 1/4" holes. THREE on either end.
3. Cut the dowel rods into 3 different heights low enough so that when shooting they wont interfere with the players throw.
4. Cut the PVC tubing into SIX approximately 1" wide strips and drill a 1/4" hole through one side. BE CAREFUL
5. Plug the dowel rods into the the holes in the board and the underside of the rings.
6. Tie the bells into each ring so that it hangs in the center. This way when the ping pong ball goes through the ring you will know. It also makes it more satisfying when you score.
7. Hang the Bludger to the ceiling using the fishing line and 3b Command strips (so that it doesnt damage paint)

OPTIONAL: I added a 10 point sliding scoreboard that i took off of a broken table top Fooseball game. It makes it a little easier to keep track of points...especially when people are drinking...

Easy enough?

Step 3: Rules!

These are the rules that were used at my party and just like any other beer pong game can be changed in house.

Teams of THREE! thats right THREE!...

This is played as a "Beer/Drink in hand" type game

Two shooters on either end of the table throw the Quaffle (ping pong ball) into the desired ring.

Each teams "beaters" stand on opposite sides of the table hitting the Bludger( Mini Beach Ball) in an attempt to distract or hit the shooter or redirect the Quaffle.

Two Snitches(shot glasses) are placed on opposite ends of the pitch within proximity of the goal rings. Snitches can be moved by teams making it more difficult but in doing so the player sacrifices a throw.

Point System:

Played to 150(15 goals or whatever you desire) unless somebody gets the Snitch

each goal = 10 points (again however you desire) AND the team that was scored on must take a swig of whatever they are drinking.

Snitch(shot glass) =  Victory and end of the game.

Each member of the losing team must take a shot (we used Goldschlager)

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    6 years ago

    I am truly speechless. Everything about this is great, especially the rules & how it relates to the movie as the golden snitch would immediately end the game. Amazing!