Harry Potter LEGO Flash Drive




Introduction: Harry Potter LEGO Flash Drive

These make great gifts for any Harry Potter fan. The flash drive's fit perfectly inside the minifig body and come in a variety of sizes from 4GB up to 128GB! Find a decent sized drive and put a digital copy of all the Harry Potter movies, Ebooks, and audio books on one drive! In this instructable I will show you how to make your own LEGO Flash Drive.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here's what I use to make LEGO Flash Drives:


Needle Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

Box Cutter

Hot Glue Gun


LEGO minifig (check out bricklink.com or ebay)

Micro Flash Drive (I've used these with great success)

Make it a Keychain (Optional)

Mini Eye Screw


Step 2: Prepare the Minifig

Prepare the minifig as follows:

1. Dismantle minifig until you are left with just the body

2. Using a box cutter, cut the inside body braces from the inner walls of the body. Make several cuts reaching as far back as the box cutter will allow.

3. Remove the inner braces with needle nose pliers. Grab the braces and rock them back and forth until they are severed from the top portion of the body.

4. Clean up any extra remnants from the inside of the body with a box cutter.

Step 3: Prepare the Flash Drive

Prepare the flash drive as follows:

1. Take the wire cutters or box cutter and cut any of the plastic edges top to bottom.

2a. If using an Ultra Fit, remove the plastic top from the flash drive. The flash drive circuit will be loose so you will need to place a small bead of hot melt between the board and the metal edge where the plastic cap used to be. Do not allow hot melt to get too hot as it will damage the circuit. If the melt is dripping from the tip then it is too hot. Use it when it is just hot enough to push out of the gun.

2b. If using a Cruzer Fit, use the box cutter the follow the edge of the metal through to the end of the plastic. The edges should be straight front to back. Use the wire cutters to clip any stray metal or plastic if needed. Test that it fits into the minifig body and adjust if needed.

Step 4: Bring It Together

1. Put the arms back on the body and place them in the up position.

2. Apply hot melt to the inside of the minifig body so that all inner walls have glue applied. Again, be sure the glue isn't TOO HOT; It will ruin your flash drive. Do not use super glue; it will ruin your flash drive.

3. Insert the flash drive and allow it to cool before use. After it has cooled put the arms back down. You may find the arms are stiff. Apply some pressure to move them back into place. You will feel them crack free from the recently applied glue, but no damage will incur.

4. Put the rest of the minifig back together (minus the legs).

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3 years ago

Really fun Idea , Well done!