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Introduction: Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Ring

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Hey harry potter fans it's momo and today I'll show you how to make a harry potter glasses ring

Step 1: Supplies

1- proper jewelry wire
2- round nose pliers
3- regular pliers
4- scissors or plier cutters

Step 2: To Start

Take the doing nose pliers and make a circle

Step 3: Bridge

For the bridge of the glasses you'll need to make a little bump. I don't know how you like to do this, but I use regular pliers

Step 4: Circle

When the bridge is constructed, you'll need to make another circle

Step 5: Bend

Bend the wire around the rest of the circle so the excess wire is pointing away from the glasses

Step 6: Ring

Form it to your finger size

Step 7: Lightning Bolt

Make a small bend on top of the glasses

Step 8: Bend It Back

Then you'll bend it back on itself

Step 9: And Once More

And then one more time to the original location and clip the excess wire

Step 10: Follow Me

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20 Discussions

IT WORKED!!! (on my 2nd try)

uuumm... It sorta worked. Really cool but you might want to make the directions a little more clear.

1 reply

I attempted to make it, but I think my wire is too thick. It turned out looking more like an infinity sign with a knot above it, haha.


2 years ago

This is so cute and beautiful!

Wow, just wow !!!!
It's 23:57 pm but I'm still making one!!!!!! I LOVE IT <3

this is really cute ,but the scar is supposed to be on the other side.


4 years ago

my first expirience with wire :-D

but I think it turned out well :-)

nice tutorial :-D


That is so sweet enderzdoesMC. I think she'll love it!

I don't love Harry potter but my BFF does, I'm going to use this as her B-day Present. Thanks!

That's a great idea thehbird! Maybe I'll do that!!!

Really cute. HP rocks!

Hey looks good have you thought about doing a broomstick ring or earings

that's awesome!!!