Harry Potter Owl Post Gift Tag



Introduction: Harry Potter Owl Post Gift Tag

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Hey guys, in this instructable I will show you how to make the harry potter gift tag

Here is what you will need:


Cardstock (optional)

parchment paper (optional)

the pdf template


and glue

Step 1: Printing and Cutting Out

Once you have the template you write the person you're sending it to and your name, then print it out, Once you have, then you take your paper ( this part is optional ) you glue the paper to cardstock and glue another piece of paper to the other side if your are using colored paper, then you cut it out, then you use a razor or hole punch and make a hole at the top to attach it to the gift using twine, then you can decorate the box as you wish

Thanks for reading, if you make this please share a picture to encourage others and if you do not have microsoft word I will be happy to make one for you to print off

email- RunicGoods@yahoo.com


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