Harry Potter Paper Wands




These wands are so easy to make, and use only a couple of materials!!!

Materials you need
- paper, white or lined
- white Elmer's glue
- scissors
- acrylic paint
- hot glue gun and sticks

Step 1:

First, take your piece of paper, and roll it up very tightly. Once you are at the middle or so, make a line of glue, and keep rolling it up, until you get to the very tip. Smother the end tip with glue, so it stays secure. You should have a long, thin rod of paper. Once dry, cut the two pointy ends off of the wand.

Step 2:

Now, fill the two ends of the wand with either tissue paper, or toilet paper. Once done, use hot glue to make a little bubble on either side of the wand tips. Let the hot glue dry. Now it's time to get your creativity going!!! Make a nice design on the handle of your wand using hot glue. Make sure you have enough glue sticks at hand.

Step 3:

Once the hot glue design is dry, you can start painting the wand, any way you like. Preferably, I like mixing browns, for a nice natural, woody feeling. If you want a nice touch, you can always use metallic paints to enhance the look of your wand! If you want, you can modpodge your wand, to give it a nice shine.



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