Harry Potter Party Invitations

Introduction: Harry Potter Party Invitations

Keeping up with my Muggle Magic series (from now until Halloween), here is another Harry Potter Instructable!

In this one we’ll be making awesome party invitations in the style of Hogwarts Acceptance letters!

Once you’ve made them, I suggest sending them in the mail as opposed to handing them out. Or you could place them in your guests’ mailboxes, which would also be fine. Or you could tie them to an owl’s ankle and send it off, but it’s doubtful if the letters would make it to their destination. In fact, they’d probably just end up in a nest somewhere in the woods. Maybe don’t do that.

Check out the video tutorial in step one and read on for detailed instructions! Also, I will be giving away the Hogwarts wax seal stamp. If you’re interested in winning, subscribe to my channel on YouTube, give the video a thumbs up, and leave a comment on my YouTube video to let me know you’re interested.


You'll also need to download my free templates available below. I am not referring to the instructables PDF (which requires a paid subscription). You want to download the .zip file.

Step 1: Video Tutorial

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Continue on for detailed instructions with photos!

Step 2: Customize the Templates

Open the HarryPotterInvitations.zip file. There you will find word documents in a few different variations, including an envelope, the original Harry Potter acceptance letter text, a file with a parchment paper background (so you could print on white paper if you can't get the parchment paper and envelopes I linked in the intro), and finally a version with custom invitation text.

First, in the resources folder, open the witches_magic.zip file and install the .ttf font file (just open it and click install).

Then you'll want to open the "custom text" version and modify the parts in red to meet your party/guest info. Then select all and change the font color to black. Now load your printer with the parchment paper and print it.

Next, open the envelope file. Change the info to your guest's info, load the parchment envelope into your printer and print it.

Step 3: Folding

Tri-fold the pages of your letter (see photos or video for reference).

If you followed my previous instructable, Harry Potter Printables - Vol.1, you should have some Hogwarts Express tickets. If so, put one in the envelope with the letter. Also, if you printed the Fat Lady portrait, write the password on the back of the ticket.

Step 4: Seal It With Wax!

First of all, make sure the Hogwarts stamp is facing the right direction! I accidentally stamped it sideways the first time.

You will want some kind of paper weight to keep the envelope shut while you do this. I'm using my Mario mushroom tin. Lay down a sheet of scrap paper and start melting the wax with your long reach lighter. When it starts dripping, hold it over the envelope and allow a generous mount of wax to melt onto where you want the seal to be.

Blow out the wax stick if the wick is still lit and set it on the scrap paper. Then press the Hogwarts stamp onto the wax on the envelope. You should have wax squishing (for lack of a better word) over the edges of the stamp. Hold it there for about 5 seconds, then carefully remove the stamp.

Step 5: You're Done!

Voilà! You're finished!

Now do this for each guest you plan to invite. Hopefully it's not too many!

Show me your creations and let me know what you think in the comments!

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    This is really cool :) Love a bit of Potter :D