Harry Potter Pencil Case Fabric Hp With Gun Glue




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Step 1: Materials


2.Zipper ( i used a 24 centimeter but its better to use 22 or 20 centimeters)

3.Fabric ( Red , Yellow , Black , White)

4.Gun Glue

Step 2: Print

Print out this image or you can draw it .

the size of the pencil case is 21 centimeter and 15 centimeter (21 cm height and 15 cm width )

Step 3: Cut

Cut the images and the cut the fabrics .

For the Gryffindor cut 6 yellow and 6 red .

Step 4: Glue

First place the fabrics on the right place and then start to glue the parts carefully. Let them dry.

Step 5: Glue

Glue the zipper like the image above and let it dry completely. ( Dont forget to put the zipper from left to right )

Then glue the edges of black fabric on the edges od harry potter face let it dry.

Step 6: Flip

Flip it out and you are done !

Hope you enjoyed it !

I really like to see that the things you made from my projects.

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