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I made this Harry Potter version of Settlers of Catan for my sister for Christmas and it was a BIG HIT! All the pieces are made of sculpy and Femo clay so remember to bake at the temperature on the package.

3D Catan board by homechicken

Monster Book of monsters by Schiappa

Step 1: Hex Tiles

I chose to make my Hex tiles a little smaller than the actual game, so for he base white pieces i cut out a hexagon out of paper to use as my template. I also cut a smaller piece for the top layer of the base from a printed template. I wanted to have a flat surface to place the playing pieces on.

I used a pasta maker to ensure that my hex tiles would all be the same thickness.

I decided to have one tile from each harry potter book, and if your familiar with the game that left me with 1 tile more than the original game.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone ------------------> Mirror Of Erised

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -------------> Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban -------------> Whomping willow

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ----------------------> Great Hall

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -------------> Room of Requirement

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince -----------------> Potions Room

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ------------------> Hogwarts Grounds

Each piece is hand made so each one will be different. I designed one of each and then repeated the design however many times i needed to. (remember this includes the 5-6 player expansion)

Mirror Of Erised (6)

Chamber of Secrets (5)

Whomping willow- dessert (2)

Great Hall (5)

Room of Requirement (3)

Potions Room (5)

Hogwarts Grounds (4)

Step 2: Tokens Instead of Cards

I chose to make tokens also out of clay instead of cards. I rolled out the clay with the pasta maker and traced a quarter to make the base of the tokens. I used a penny for the inner part of the token.

--------Cards/tokens--------and where to find them-------

Hex Tile -------------------> resource token (24 of each)

Mirror of Erised ---------> Sorcerers stone

Chamber of Secrets ----> Sword of Gryffindor

Potions room -------------> Liquid Luck

Hogwarts Grounds-------> The Elder wand

Great Hall ------------------> Tri-Wizard Cup

Development cards

Knight card -----> Dumbledore's army (20)

Victory points -----> Same (6)

----------progress cards-------

Accio - Get two resource tokens of your choice from the bank. (3)

Erecto- Build two free tracks. (3)

Expelliarmus - Choose one resource and disarm all opponents of that resource. (2)

Step 3: Port Peices

I decided to use Hagrid for the 11 port pieces. As you can see in the pictures I put each resource on the tile along with the trade in ratio. The base of these are triangles that are the same length as the side of the hex tiles. This makes it so you can trade at the port from either of 2 corners on the board.

Step 4: Longest Army, Longest Train, Robber, Castles, Huts, and Tracks.

Largest army and Longest train cards i made into these tiles .

The robber is Lord Voldemort.

I also made the 5-6 player expansion so you can see the 6 different colored pieces for the players.

Every Piece is made form Sculpy or Fimo so don't forget to bake it!

Step 5: Rules

For the rules, I found a PDF of the normal rules and went through and changed the few words to make it into my Harry Potter version. I also added the Room of Requirement tile to the game rules.

I used this website to create the rules in a harry potter text. This proved very difficult because it will only let you do so many letters at a time and in order to save it as just text it saves as an image. I had to play around a lot with each section to make the text look right and be the same size. But the end result looks great. I have noticed quite a few mistakes that i made in the rules but I figure my sister wont really have to read the rules because she knows how to play the game already.

Step 6: Monster Book of Monsters Carrying Case

For the case I took a plastic scrap booking case found at Micheal's, and covered it with fuzzy brown fabric, attached with hot glue. The teeth are also molded from FIMO clay and hot glued to the box. To hold the pieces I took a piece of foam and cut slits in it for the hex tiles and all the other pieces you see in the picture.

Step 7: Play the Game

Now that the game is done you enjoy your creation and have fun! We played the game Christmas eve and had so much fun!



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Answer 3 months ago

It is a bonus piece you choose a resource of your choice


1 year ago

I am working on this now but not in 3d :) just textured, I'm worried I may not get it all done! I was wondering if you had the documents still for the rules Potterized of course lol


1 year ago

this is the most AWESOME thing that ANYONE has EVER made in the HISTORY of humanity!!!


2 years ago

What a perfect mashup of two excellent subjects. Well done!! :)

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2 years ago

this is super fantastic. voted for you! what a great idea.

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2 years ago

This is awesome! We love Catan and Harry Potter, this looks super fun :)

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Very cool project! I know how much work goes into making all of this! My last Instructable was a hand sculpted Settlers of Catan set that I molded and then casted in concrete. I love your designs!

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