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Introduction: Harry Potter Wall

I'll spare everyone the reasons why this project occurred, but the bottom line is simply it was a home project my wife got into as well in our bedroom. We decorated one of the walls in our bedroom in a Harry Potter theme. Wands, horcruxes, hats, maps, etc.

Step 1: Very Inexpensive Purchases

Step 2: Wand Case

In order to show off the wands we purchased we needed to create a display. My wife found a smaller clothing display (designed for the American flag) with LEDs built in. She purchased two. This one I converted to hold wands.

I took a 1"X1"X36" and cut it down into two strips. These will hold the hook supports for the wants. I spray-painted them black. For one of the bars I used 2" hooks and on the other I used 1". This is because the wants all go from a larger handle down to a smaller tip and the visual difference in scale made it look odd if I used both at 2". I evenly spaced out the hooks based on how many wants I needed to include. I should have kept track of the math for this instructable but simply did not save my work.

The backing on the display was just cardboard and not very sturdy. Trying to affix the bars to it was difficult. So, I ended up drilling indentures into the back of each bar and screwing an indented neodymium magnet into each. I then used two small screws with washers and a second set of magnets on the back of the cardboard. Coupled together they made sure the bars were secure and did not move.

Step 3: Wall Shelf

We purchased a zig zag shelf off Amazon. I have some stl files that allow me to print a shelf and it does not take a lot of skill woodworking to pull a decent one off, but I decided to just purchase an inexpensive one and free up time for dealing with the individual display cases. The shelf can be found on Amazon here.

Step 4: Individual Display Cases

As a subpart of this project, I did an instructable on 3D printing a casing to house some of the horcruxes and the time turner. The 3D instructable for the time turner is here. I printed cases for the time turner, the horcrux ring, Hufflepuff's Cup and the symbol of the deathly hollows. I made slight variations for each casing with magnetic balls on one, copper conductive strips on another, and just straight gold paint on a third. Overall I think they turned out well.

Step 5: General View of the 3D Printed Casings

I used Autodesk 123D Design. The shapes are simple. I used thin plexiglass for the panes and simple neodymium magnets to keep the lids on.

Step 6: Marvolo Gaunt's Ring

An additional comment on the Marvolo Gaunt Ring is I used foam pieces to create a small stand for the ring. I cut into the foam for an insertion spot. The foam conforms around the ring to hold it in place. I painted the foam the same color as the 3D printed case and put some reflective backing on the case.

Step 7: Pendant

After I received my inexpensive copy of the Slytherin pendant, I glued a neodymium magnet inside. I then attached the pendant to the shelf by placing it over one of the metal screws. I hangs very nicely there.

Step 8: Gryffindor Crest

I 3D printed the Gryffindor Crests, painted it and glued a neodymium magnet to the back. The magnet allows it to cover any of the wall screws I put in place and helps cover up the hole and screw. I downloaded the crest from Thingiverse found here.

Step 9: Golden Snitch

I placed small magnets with screw holes built in on the shelf but spaced them part. The golden snitch necklace attached to the magnets and makes it look like the snitch is in flight, or at least hovering.

Step 10: Nimbus 2000

I did the same for the necklace of the Nimbus 2000. You cannot see the magnets when viewing the shelf directly. A child might be able to see them, but not anyone over 4 feet tall.

Step 11: One Section at a Time

Each section has its own subtle elements

Step 12: Before and After Full View

I'm still working on a display case which centers on the Marauder's Map, but getting the animation to project onto the map is a little more difficult than I anticipated. However, for now, my wife is happy with the current displays in the bedroom.

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