Harry Potter Wand Diy



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by Anriel Almeida

1)Pencil/chopstick/twig 2)newspaper torn in small pieces 3)tissue paper 4)paint :black/brown/gold/silver (your choice) 5)clay/m-seal (optional) 6)beads/marble/wool (optional)


Step 1:


Take a pencil/chopstick/twig. Shape it according to your wish with a cutter.

Step 2:

1)Once you obtain desired shape , take a small bowl of water and white adhesive/white PVA glue in the ratio 4:1 (you can add more glue this will speed up drying)

2)Take a piece of newspaper dip it in the mixture and stick it around the pencil. Make at least 3 layers and depending on the wand pattern you have chosen add more layers to the base of the pencil to give it the desired shape.

Step 3:

1)Form another layer using the same method but instead of newspaper use tissue paper.(let this layer be as messy as possible as it gives you the wooden texture.)

2) Wait for it to completely dry.

Step 4:

You can decorate the wand by adding a bead/marble to the base with super glue. Or to make Hermione's wand use clay/m seal (or any material which can be molded and dries fast) to make the floral pattern .

I didn't mix the 2 m-seal doughs here and used the lighter color one as it is easier to mold.

Stick the m-seal pattern with glue to the pencil.

Step 5:

Paint the wand as desired use colors like black, brown, silver or gold.

After the pencil has dried paint the wand with white PVA glue this will give it a polished finish.

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:



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