Harry Potter Wand Effects

Introduction: Harry Potter Wand Effects

Hello this is GuineaSaber99 and i am having a fun time with this contest (this instructable is/was in the wizarding contest.) i have put in another instructable, but it might not be accepted. So, i hope you have fun with your new harry potter effects/ lightsaber effects (that's what the app was supposed to be used for)

Step 1: The App

first you will need an app. it is called SaberFX. it is really cheap i think that it might be free, but if it is not, then it is no more than 10 bucks.

Step 2: Video Time!

just take a video of you swinging your wand around. then put it on your desktop.

Step 3: Put It in the App

open the app. the first picture should be your screen. Second, click file, and open it will bring up all your videos. find your video and select it. it should come up like the second picture. Third, click the fourth icon up in the top right hand corner, it should look like lightning. it should then look like the third picture. mess with those settings for a little bit until you are happy. Then we get going. fourth, find the place where the magic should start this is done by using the video bar down at the bottom of the screen to scroll through frames. Fifth, click at the end of your wand, and where you want the magic to go. just remember, it is just one frame don't go all the way. Also, if you want to have the giant golden glow where the magic meets, you can select the icon that looks like a firework. then, just click in the center of the magic, and click somewhere else to make it bigger.

Step 4: Saving and Completing.

click file then save as, mess with that for a while till you are happy and then click enter. Now you are done.

Step 5: Done

thank you for reading this i hope you enjoy this as much as it do plz vote for me and stuff. Also i am pleased to say that this instructable was my idea and not someone else's. I got this app for lightsaber effects, but i thought, hey the sith lightning would look really cool coming out of harry potters wand! just one last thing, down below is my video of my wand shooting sparks and stuff.

Step 6: This Is My Video

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    4 years ago

    I've used that app before. I ask found that the GunFX app works for like cracks out of the top