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Introduction: Harry Potter Wand Stand

My husband and I took my son to Universal Studios to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He had an awesome time and bought 4 wizarding wands. He didn't understand WHY they didn't sell a wand stand like in their display so we decided to make one.

You will need:

3/4" plywood about 14" x 14" or at least 12" x 12"

a piece of 1 x 4 that is a bit longer than your piece of plywood. Ours was about 13 inches.

2 long wood screws about 2" to 3" long

wood glue


electric jig saw

sandpaper or sander

wood paint or stain

Step 1: Measure Twice Cut Once

First we measured out 12 inches and marked both ends on our 3/4" plywood and put a circle template over it to trace a semicircle.

We clamped the piece of plywood to our work surface then started to cut.

We started a cut with a coping saw (but you don't have to) then with an electric jig saw, cut around the semicircle very carefully. I suggest adults do this with your child or at least hold on or keep other fingers and hand away from the moving blade. In case you were interested, I unplugged the saw for this photo, that's why the cord is in his pocket.

then we cut the 1x4 to about 13 inches

Step 2: Sand Your Pieces

Sand the two pieces of wood to a smooth edge.

We actually used a sander but he wants you to think he actually did some hard work.

Step 3: Mark Holes to Drill

Find the center of the bottom of your semicircle form.

Then mark off holes for your wands so that they are evenly spaced. You can use the template for a 5-hole wand stand.

Then draw a 2 inch line from the hole toward the center point like in the first picture. That is about how far down to drill.

Carefully drill holes following the lines. We needed 1/4" bits, 3/8" bits and 1/2" bits for the various wand thicknesses.

Step 4: Mark Screw Holes on the Base and Screw It In

mark 2 holes on your 1 x 4 where the semicircle will attach to your base

drill some pilot holes and attach 2 wood screws

turn your semicircle upside down and screw the base into your semicircle to make your wand stand.

Step 5: Paint

use wood stain or wood paint to paint your wand stand

Step 6: Done!


Now add your wands and you have a better-than-Olivander's wand stand for all your wands.

Shown are my son's wands from left to right

Death Eater

Mad-Eye Moody



Harry Potter's (that he made)

No wizard should be without!

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5 Discussions


5 years ago

With these guys ^

Awesome project but made even cooler by letting your son be so involved.


5 years ago

I love that you got your son involved. Some of my favorite memories are building things with my dad. Do you worry about the wands snapping the way they are situated?


5 years ago

Great project and I love the fact that you included your son! I am so excited for the day when I can do projects like this with my son.


Reply 5 years ago

you sir....stole my comment word by word!
I can't also wait to do things like these with my now 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son who, at this moment, only break stuff :-(