Harry Potter Wands (light Up)




Introduction: Harry Potter Wands (light Up)

So my 9 year old wanted a harry potter themed birthday for his 10 year party well had everything but these so dove right in.

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Step 1: Supplies (Swap Out the Wood Glue for a Hot Glue Gun)

i didnt use the shrink wrap or the heat gun to do this project but here is the list i used

1. Flash lights from Harbor freight came in 2 pack i needed to make 15, (Buy few extra for practice)

2. Wire House wire works fine its got a pos and a neg wires use snips to seperate them

3. GB Weld (Steel Stick)

4. Hot glue

5. Rubber Gloves and Maybe a pair to protect against the soder heat.

6. Soder gun and Soder

7, Dowel Rods i believe i used 3/4

8. Paper Tape

9. I bought resistors but i ended up snipping the ends off to use on the flash light board (radio shack or other stores may have just the ends)

10. Coffee (Not in Picture)

Step 2: Taking Apart the Top of the Flash Light

I pre heated my Soder and when it was hot enough i used it to punch a hole thru the plastic cover and put a pick as shown. Pry'd it apart if doesnt work in one spot just rotate the pick untill it pops off

Step 3: Removing the LED's and Plastic Ring

Remove the battery and button if not done so already grab a 16mm Socket and a extension and push the LED's out, trash the plastic LED spacer.

Step 4: LED Removal

Now you can do it the long way or easy way, I used a pair of wire snips to grab an LED and pulled it to the outter edge of the board, popped right off didn't have to remove soder from back side (That's the long and tedious way). But do Every other LED and then remove the Center one. This will Hold the Dowel rod onto the board a whole lot easier and Straight, I used Hot glue to hold them till it cured. (Try not to crush the Spring on back side)

Step 5: Attaching Your Wires

The enter rim where the wire is showing is the Hot side if you look at the Circuit board you can see a dark circle Dont soder onto that. take a piece of wire or conduit that will go thru the LED hole on inner side, then the Negative will go onto the outter part of the ring Soder them down. I Found that the Positive side helped touching the spring with soder. (Alot easier with Dowel installed but to much heat will detach the glue).

Step 6: Putting It Back Together

When wires are attached and ready Put it back in the way it came in, i removed the Dowel for the picture. On the Dowel i measured the wires from connection on the bottom to the top where LED will be This is where you shove some weld stick into it Tape around the wires near the bottom connection and various places up the dowel for now and filled the rest of the flash light with hot glue to the top edge. I beveled the end to a somewhat point then rounded off the edges. Before sodering the LED take a pair of clips and connect to the positve wire and figure out which side is + on the LED then I marked it with red sharpy (Was doing 15 of these things, anyways once figured out strip some wire at top and sodered the LED to wire, Add tape around the top.

Note: Where rubber gloves with gb weld. I used just enough to hold the base down and held it till it dried with the LED on. so i knew i had a good connection and filled with Hot glue. then you can wrap the whole thing as u wish i went from near the button all the way to the top, and covered all the led except the Tip

Tip: if you want the LED brighter use sand paper and sand the top of the LED flat, grab some clear nail polish and put it on sanded area.

Step 7: Just a Pic of Sodering

not the cleanest job but it worked.

Step 8: Finished Product

All i had was Red and Blue LED's. The wife and sister in law did the painting of them and There ya go.

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    4 years ago

    Excellent light up wands! Thanks for sharing!