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Introduction: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone: Flying Key

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In Harry Potter and the Sorceror's (or Philosopher's) Stone, one of the obstacles Harry and his friends encounter are the flying keys (courtesy of Professor Flitwick).
The one Harry caught is described as "a large silver key that had a bent wing" that had "bright blue wings"

Here I will show how to make one!

Step 1: Accio Supplies!

- pair of pliers

- thicker wire (I reuse the wire on old spiral notebooks)

- thinner wire

- blue beads (different sizes); I also had a couple clear beads as well

Step 2: Inside of Key

This is easier to describe in pictures than in words

1. Make a small loop in your wire
2. Below the end of the wire, make a a little indentation (bend up then bend down again) and then make a mirror image of the first side
3. Cut the wire where it meets back up with the beginning.
Mine ended up about a cm wide

Step 3: Shaft of Key

1. Bend the wire at a length that looks appropriate for the the shaft of your key (mine was about 3.5 cm)
2. Curve the wire around the piece you just made
3. Make another bend upward and back, right above the indentation on the inside of the key (see the picture)
4. Curve around the rest and bend the wire down, next to the shaft

Step 4: The Bit of the Key

1. About 1/2 cm above the end of the shaft, bend the wire upward, directly behind (ignore the strange bend in the other shaft wire in the pic, I fixed it later!)
2. Here, I would just follow the picture in bending the wire out into the shape of a bit
3. At the end, bend the wire up to meet the first bend. Bend it back down (directly behind) and cut off

Step 5: Wirework

Time to attach that piece you've been holding on to.
1. Attach some thin wire to the larger piece you made, at the front of the shaft.
Keeping the inside of the key piece in the middle while weaving of a bit tricky, try holding on to both pieces really tightly with your fingers or pliers
Weave all the way around.
At the end, in the space the bottom indentation made, thread a seed bead onto your wire and attach.

On the shaft of the key I used a different type of wire weaving (see pic) to connect the two pieces of wire. It's where you wrap the wire around both pieces of wire twice, then 4 times over one, then 2 times over both, then 4 times over one...

At the end of the key (the bit) I ended up just wrapping the wire repeatedly around the thicker wire.

Step 6: The Wings

Here is yet another step better explained by pictures.
I free-styled this so there is no better way to explain it than to look at the picture and try to bend the wire up and down to resemble wings.
The two ends of the wire should be bent over the top part of the wings.

Step 7: Decorating the Wings

I did some really simple beading on the wings but covering them entirely with beads would be a really cool idea too!
I wrapped the thinner wire around the top part of the wings and added beads every couple twists

Step 8: Attaching the Wings

I basically set the key on the length of the wire between the two wings and criss crossed wire over them until they were fairly secure.

Step 9: The Crumpled Wing

Of course, a notable feature of this specific flying key is that one of the wings is crumpled.
Simply take one of the wings and bend it forward.

Step 10: After Thoughts

You're done!!!
This ended up a bit too big (or is it?) for a necklace as I first intended but I still love it! I made a hair bow to attach it on but there are so many other options.
Ornament, key chain... you could make several variations and put then all together in a mobile (of course leave out the crumpled wing on the others).

Thank you for reading this Instructable and I would appreciate if you voted for it in the Wizarding Contest!

Also, any feedback would be appreciated as this is my first Instructable. Any spelling errors, things I could have made clearer, questions, photos of ones you made, etc.

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    Nice way to reuse the spiral from a notebook. :)


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    This looks really good. It would make a great necklace charm.


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