Harvest Pumpkins From Scraps

When life gives you scraps, make pumpkins!

Step 1: Pattern & Materials

Hot Glue Gun
2 Pipe Cleaners (green)
Fake leaves
Material scraps
Old pillow to use the stuffing from
Needle & thread

 Your pumpkin will turn out however you cut the pattern pieces. Short, wide pieces will make a short-wide pumpkin. The bottom circle is for the big pumpkin. The medium pumpkin had a circle 1/2 that size, and the smallest one didn't have a bottom circle. It's not really necessary to make a bottom, but it does make it sit more flat on a surface.

Step 2: Cutting

I'm going to show you the large pumpkin for instructions.
Pin your pattern to your scraps, alternating textures, or materials. Cut the patterns out until you have 8pieces for the large pumpkin.
(6 for the medium, and 4 for the small)

Do the same for your circle.

Step 3: Sewing

With right sides together, start sewing the long sections 2 by 2. (Sew two at a time, then sew together.) Leave room at the top of each section to put the stuffing in. You'll hand-sew this up later.
Sew the bottom circle (rightsides together) to the bottom of the pumpkin. If your circle is a little too big....not a problem. Just cut off the excess.

Turn your pumpkin right-side out.

For the stem, I used a green scrap of cordoroy. Sew around 3 edges, then turn right-side out.

Step 4: Stuffing

I like using old pillows, just because it's a waste not to. It only takes a little bit of pulling to get the stuffing usable again. Grab a piece and pull it like cotton candy from a stick. Repeat several times until it's fluffed up. Stuff your stem and pumpkin.

Step 5: ZOMBIE WARNING!!!!!!!

Keep your zombie under control, or it will eat your pumpkin! Bad Zombie Ann!

Step 6: Zombie Caged...crisis Averted

A crate works just fine.

Step 7: Hand-sew the Top

Push your stem down into the top of the pumpkin. Slightly fold the top of each section under, and sew to the stem.

Step 8: Add the Leaves and Vine

Using a green pipe-cleaner twist it around a pun, then stretch it out. Hot glue it next to the stem along with some fake leaves.

Step 9: You're Done!

Enjoy your project made from scraps.

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    "ZOMBIE WARNING!!!!!!!
    Keep your zombie under control, or it will eat your pumpkin! Bad Zombie Ann! "
    That really made me laugh! Haha! Great sense of humor!
    Those pumpkings are really charming! <3