Hat Box Ghost Costume *updated*

Introduction: Hat Box Ghost Costume *updated*

About: Hi I'm Wyatt I love making films and special fx oh and usually monsters

The hat box ghost is one of disney's 999 happy haunts he is probably the most famous ghosts in the Manson or out of the mansion?? We'll what does he do?? His head disappears in to a box he holds in his hand called a hat box Walt Disney says this about him "he was a cloaked figure with a evil grinny face a hat box hung from his hand"

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Step 1: Head

Make a mask by sculpting than casting it with plaster of Paris

Step 2: Full Head

Put liquid latex in the mould and than peel it out and paint your mask than get a long wig and a grey top hat

Step 3: The Hat Box It's Self

The hat box is fairly simple to make its made of foam and fabric here's a pick of the blue prints and the hat box should be roughly the size of your torso

Step 4: Cape

The cape has to be big BIG!! make the collar really big and the cape should match the tuxito

Step 5: Tuxito

I bought a tux from a costume shop because I'm not the best at making cloths

Step 6: Put It on and Haunt Your Streets!!

Put it on and haunt your streets!! Be shure to cover your skin in white makeup!! Now see my updated version below!!! Thanks!!

Step 7: Re Done Mask

It never hurt any one to try again! I was not all happy with my hat box
Ghost costume so I re did the mask, u can choose to do other of the Costumes I made here

Step 8: Moulding#2

When moulding I decided to get creative!! And make a box that would make for a easy and mess free moulding!!

Step 9: It Worked!!

The mould was very sucsessful!! It coldent have gone better!! There's a pic
My new mould(the smaller one) next to the old one u can see a big difference!!

Step 10: Inspiration

The main reason I decided to remake my costume is because of this picture. I want to make my costume look just like it

Step 11: The Mask

The mask turned out great!! I just wish I had cleaned out the mould better to there would be no holes nor clay bits in the mask now time for paint!!

Step 12: Time for the Paint!!

My last mask was hand painted... So this time I will air brush paint it for a more authentic look

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    3 years ago

    looks good and pretty close to the original prop! I might use this for my Halloween costume

    This sure does look creepy. Great costume, thanks for sharing! I wonder, would it be possibly to obtain an actually hat box so you could actually use it to carry stuff in it?

    Also, I love your facehugger phone - did you make that yourself?