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As a good scout, I know it's important to keep my head warm when out in the cold. Problem is, I hate the little gap that always appears between my hat and my scarf, it lets the rain in... The HatScarf fixes that! It may feel a little silly, but it's definitely warm!

1. Cut a rectangle of fleece that is the circumference of your head, plus 3", wide, and 12" tall.
2. Cut zig zags along the top edge
3. Sew up the zig zags, to produce a rounded shape, and then sew up the seam
4. Cut 2 long rectangles of fleece, both of them 6" wide and 24" long (can be longer if you like your scarves long)
5. Sew the rectangles to the hat, with the top edge of the rectangle against the bottom edge of the hat - the rectangles should be going UP the hat at this point, not hanging down from it
6. Turn over 1/2" of the hat brim, and sew in place




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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I have an idea for merging it with the animal hats that are popular - face on top, paws on the end of the scarf. Could be fun!