Hat/coat Hanger

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This is a very easy to do coat and hat hanger. It's just a piece of demolition wood and cabinet door nobs.

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Step 1: Tools

for this project you will need a piece of demolition wood, some cabinet door nobs, needle nose pliers, a driller and two drill bits (the size depend on your nobs).

Step 2: Varnish

I used varnish on the demolition wood. I applied the varnish after drilling and before placing the noobs.

Step 3: How to Drill

You just have to drill four holes from front to back using a drill bit as tick as the screw of the nob. Than
you drill bigger holes from back to the front in the same place of the first four holes, but you stop the drill in the middle of the wood so that your drill bit doesn't go all the way through. To do that I use a simple trick, to put some tape in the drill where I want to stop.

You have to use a drill bit big enough so the hole can accommodate the bolt, and leave some space for you to hold the bolt with needle nose pliers.

some noobs have different ways of fixation (in the tools step there's a pic with two examples) and that may change a little how you do the drilling.

Step 4: Hang It on the Wall

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