Haunted Pumpkin Patch Ghost Cupcakes!




Introduction: Haunted Pumpkin Patch Ghost Cupcakes!

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Haunted Pumpkin Patch Ghost cupcakes!
Totally adorable fondant ghosts on a grassy hill!

Step 1:

You will need some cupcakes!
We made some...but even store bought would work great!

You'll also need:

coconut flakes

green food coloring

marshmallow fondant


black food coloring

paint brush or stylus

Pumpkin candy

Take some coconut flakes...drop a few drops of green

food coloring into the flakes and stir.

Soon they will become the perfect shade of green!

Step 2: Roll in the Grass!

Roll the cupcakes in the coconut flakes to cover the tops!

Just like grass!
You could crush Oreo and make a little dirt hill or graveyard.

Step 3: Ghost Time!

Now you will need some marshmallow fondant
Roll out a 1/4" thick 4 inch circle...

Take the dum-dum and drape the circle of fondant over the top of it.
Just like a ghost sheet!

Ruffle the fondant to drape nicely.

Lay on some parchment paper and let the fondant dry.

Step 4: Face Time!

After a few hours,
time to paint on the faces!

Put a small drop of black food coloring on a paper plate.

You can even practice painting the faces on the plate!

I chose a Kawaii face!
Winked, blinked, or squinted eyes and a big howling mouth!

Step 5: Commence Haunting!

Stick the ghost right into the cupcake!
Add a candy pumpkin!

Haunted Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes!

Spooky and cute--Great for a Halloween party!

You could add edible googly eyes too!

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more fun!

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    13 Discussions


    4 years ago

    so so cute!!

    Great use of ingredients here! Too bad fondant is all but inedible ;) I
    am wondering if you could do the same with melted and cooled white
    chocolate - you would not be able to leave them out long though. These
    are just so darn cute! You got my vote.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Kooky,
    Actually this marshmallow fondant is great. It's super sweet...but just a clay made with marshmallows and powdered sugar! You probably could use modeling chocolate though! :) Thank you!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I see now you have a link to marshmallow fondant - that sounds MUCH beter - I will have to give it a try. Thanks!

    Tiganus Diana
    Tiganus Diana

    5 years ago



    5 years ago

    These are the COOLEST!! I love them!!