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I really like Pokemon, I partially blame it for my interest in biology. However when I was a kid I hated Haunter. It would put all my Pokemon to sleep and then I was doomed. Just a never ending cycle of sleeping Pokemon that were some how being damaged by that stupid lick attack. Then I grew above the age of 7 and I realized that Haunter was a pretty Pokemon and I should probably get one.
So next time I played a Pokemon game I caught a Ghastly and happily evolved into a Haunter. Nothing is more satisfying that inflicting the pain you have felt upon your older brother.
With my love Haunter I set out to design an earring. The earring above has an ear cuff with one of Haunter's hands, his body hanging in the middle from silver chain, and then a stud at the bottom holding Haunter's other hand. It takes people a little bit to get the earring but they get really happy once it clicks.

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. Shrink Film, any kind will do

2. Coloring Implements, should be noted that unless the surface is scratched up you can only color on plastic with SHARPIES

3. Template, above

4. 18 gauge wire, I chose silver

5. Wire cutters

6. Needlenose pliers, or house plies with the teeth covered with duct tape. Rainbow duct tape is not required, but highly reccomended

7. Earring stud and back

8. Thin silver chain

9. Industrial strength glue

9. Glaze, I used modge podge. Any kind will work fine with the shrink film, you just want to test it with your coloring implements. Some glaze will make some types of markers run.

Step 2: Follow the Video

Hope you enjoy the new earring, I enjoy feeling like I have a scary ghost pet snarling at passerby individuals but I am admittedly strange.
If you are still wondering about the ear cuff here is an awesome tutorial on how to make them. However I had to make mine bigger, because the size she lists wouldn't fit on my ear.
Feel free to voice in questions below!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love Pokemon! I saw your video on YouTube about this it was great, defiantly deserves more views. super fun and easy way to make cool earrings.


    4 years ago

    very nicely made..also blue is my favourite

    1 reply

    Yeah there a very distinctive reason as to why I will never make a zubat anything ever. There are too many zubat things in the world already, I don't need to make it worse.


    4 years ago

    Hey! Momoluv here :)
    I would love to feature this instructable in this Sundays momo's shoutout Sunday! You have a true talent and I would love to get you more followers! Of course, I only give SHOUTOUTS to my followers, so if you could follow me, I would love to give you a shoutout this Sunday!

    Let me know as soon as you can!


    1 reply