Have 20 Seconds to Spare? Make This for a Good 10 Minutes of Fun.

Introduction: Have 20 Seconds to Spare? Make This for a Good 10 Minutes of Fun.

Sitting at your computer bored out of your mind? Try this with only a Ziploc bag and something to shoot.

-Ziploc bag
-A projectile (ex. baby carrot, airsoft BB)
-Something to shoot at (optional) 

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Step 1: Blow Up the Bag.

Take the bag and open up a small hole at the top. Blow into it and seal it shut.

Step 2: Load the Projectile.

Find a bottom corner of the bag. Invert it so that the projectile is inside the bag.

Step 3: Quickly Slam Your Hand Down on the Bag.

Forcibly hit your hand down on the bag, preferably behind the projectile, so that it flies out. The bag should revert back to its previous position. Reload. 

Step 4: Warning (common Sense)

While it certainly is fun to shoot at people, use some common sense. 
1. Don't shoot it at your eyes or someone else's eyes.
2. Don't shoot it into your mouth or another person's mouth.
3. Be careful with sharp projectiles.
4. I can't think of anything else.
While it doesn't look dangerous, at short range a hard enough projectile can leave bruises (ex. carrot) (I'm sorry Jack). I hopefully won't be held accountable for any injuries or damages. Also, It really shouldn't take too long or too much effort to make. Most of all, though, have fun with this. 

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