Have No Fear, Tips for a Laticce Pie Crust Are Here!




It's time to tackle your fear of making homemade lattice pie crust! Nothing is more enticing than a pie with a lattice top where you can see the brilliant fruit filling peeking though the lattice pastry grids! It's so much more simple than people say and with my secret tips and tricks you're pie will be the talk of the town!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients!

Pie Tin/Glass
Fork/Pastry Cutter
Rolling Pin
Wax Paper
Measuring Spoons & Cups

2 1/2 Cups Flour
1 TBLS Sugar
Pinch of Walt
1 TBLS Butter
3/4 Cup Shortning
1/3 Cup Water
Pie Filling

Step 2: Dry Ingredients!

First step to this perfect pie crust is to mix the dry ingredients.

2 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1 TBLS Granulated Sugar
1 Pinch of Salt

Stir to incorporate all ingredients evenly.

Step 3: Wet Ingredients!

Add to flour mixture:

3/4 Cup Shortning
1 TBLS Butter

Cut shortning and butter into four mixture, with pastry cutter for fork, until crumbly.

1/3 Cup Cold Water, add a bit more if dough is too dry

Mix with hands and knead for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4: Roll Out Pastry Dough!

Split the dough into two balls.

Cut 4 pieces of wax paper larger than your pie dish.

Place one dough ball in between two pieces of wax paper.

Roll out dough with rolling pin, turning wax paper to the left and right as you roll out to form a circle.

Stop when dough circle is lager than your pie plate.

Step 5: Counter to Pie Plate!

Transferring dough from counter top to pie plate is said to be the hardest part, not with my wax paper tip! I did it one handed while taking a picture!

Remove top piece of wax paper.

Simply pick up dough on wax paper and lay face down onto pie pate.

Remove last piece of wax paper. Gently pat dough crust into pie dish.

Remove excess dough from around edges of pie.

Add preferred pie filling.


Step 6: Roll Out Pastry Dough Top!

Place one dough ball in between two pieces of wax paper.

Roll out dough with rolling pin, turning wax paper to the left and right as you roll out to form a circle.

Stop when dough circle is lager than your pie plate.

Step 7: Cutting Dough Strips!

While dough is still in between wax paper, cut dough in horizontal strips. Strip thickness is bakers preference. You can have four strips on a pie for 40!

Separate your strips in half down the middle. Half are for your vertical lines, half are for your horizontal lines. Longer strips are for in the center of pie.

Step 8: Creating the Lattice!

No need to be afraid, this is easy and painless. You'll be giggling at yourself when this is all over! The picture in this segment speak louder than words so listen and watch carefully.

Remove top piece of wax paper from one strip (do this before laying all strips). Place one vertical strip face down vertically down the center. Remove last piece of wax paper (do this after laying all strips).

Remove top piece of wax paper from second strip. Place next strip face down horizontally across the first strip. Remove last piece of wax paper.

Lay all your horizontal strips first, before laying any more vertical strips.

Fold vertical strip over the horizontal strip onto itself. Place next strip along side the 1st horizontal strip where the vertical strip was laying. Fold the vertical strip back over onto the new horizontal strip.

Lay your third horizontal strip right over the top of the vertical strip

Move to the right side of your pie. Fold the vertical strip onto itself and lay down your next strip. Fold the vertical strip over the new strip and lay down your next strip on top of that one.

Now weave in your vertical strips by folding up strips under, place new strip and folding the the strips back down. And repeat for rest of pie.

Step 9: Cripping Those Edges!

Remove excess dough from the ends of strips.

Crimming edges is a two handed job, which made it impossible to take a picture of. So, combine pictures 3 & 4. Make two v's our of your finger tips and press them together! Continue around entire pie crust.

TA-DA! Your all done! That wasn't so bad, now was it?

Finish by baking your pie according to filling directions.

BONUS tips for baking pie: Always place a cookie sheet under pie during second half of cooking for catch drips. If edges are browning sooner than middle. Cut a circle out of the middle of a square piece of tin foil and place square over pie.

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