Have You Put the Chickens Away.

Introduction: Have You Put the Chickens Away.

Chicken run using materials reclaimed from the garden.

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Step 1: Collecting Materials and Marking Out.

We had two big pallets knocking about and I fancied making a chicken run. Wire mesh came from various places around the garden. Just enough to do the job, but we will get to that.

Marked it out specially for the chickens to perch on, poo on, persitantly peck and then some.

Theres a pub locally called the Eagle and Child, once it was known as the Bird and Bastard.
The pallets were very childish in their stubborn refusal to be removed from the pallet without spliting it, which became desperately frustrating about the same time my back felt like it had left my body and been replaced with a mild case of death. So I skipped to digging holes after coercing the first to dismantle amicably.

Step 2: Digging Holes Booboo.

So half way through one task I started another. Typical behaviour trait of a Bellamy. Dug my holes cylindrical, not cone shaped, to 1/3 the total length of the post and tampered a few in 5" at a time, using various things including a cricket bat. Marvellous progress.

Back to pallet dismantling and the wastage is much less than origanally anticipated so I decided to increase the run size.

Step 3: Ouchy Painy Finger Death Slice.

Because I'm a total flannel I didn't consider if there was enough wire mesh to complete the job after deciding to increase the size. This meant much searching for odd pieces to mesh together using a technique called I hope I get through this without tetnus or losing any digits.

Still I was in need of more mesh but decided to make a gate with the left over pieces and a past it piece of trelis.

Step 4: Fin.

Go in. Have tea.

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    6 years ago

    Thankyou. My son likes to call it the farm, the hens lay an egg a day each and are lovely to have around, especially now they can't poo everywhere!