How Make VibroBug on the 3d Printer



Hello! If you want to make a funny robot beetle then read on!

Vibrobot is the most simple robot that can be imagined, but in spite of all its simplicity, it behaves just like an insect, runs erratically :D

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Step 1: Vibrobots

The easiest way to do this is to take a beetle vibrating brush and attach it to the vibration is with the battery, it's cool, but it does not look :(

But now we can do anything with the help of the 3D printer, and I decided to make vibro beetle - like a real bug!

Step 2: Modeling

First, I modeled the body of the future bug in the program Autodesk inventor 2017. The main feature is the stubble of vibrobots it`s thin legs due to vibration which it is moving, make it easier to print beetle legs, I made them straight, and after printing they need to be bend manually.

Step 3: Step 1 - What You Need

- Motors (you can by )

- CR2032 Battery

- 3D printed body (stl file fo print)

- Piece of foil

- Lighter

- Scotch tape

Step 4: Step 2 - Bend Legs

Okey, use lighter that heat legs and then bend it, that look like a real beatle :) Be careful not to burn!

Step 5: Step 3 - Motor and Power

The vibration is then to be inserted in a special groove on the bottom of the chassis and push wire into the hole. After one of the wires have to be wound a small piece of foil to improve the contact with the battery. Insert the battery into the opening, so that the negative battery downward

Step 6: Step 4 - Live Up

Now that turn on your robot use the piece of scotch, stick wire to the battery. And robot start vibration, put his on the surface and he will start run

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