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Introduction: Home Party Hawaiian Tiki Bar

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Need to prepare a fantastic Hawaiian party?

Do you want to beautify your home with an exotic touch?

So why not create this beautiful Hawaiian Tiki Bar! Simple steps, guaranteed success.

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Step 1: Materials & Design

All the necessary items are easily found in a stationery shop, for less of 25€ !!

For this project you will need the following items:

  • x10 Bamboo Stick (at least 1.70 m long)
  • x3 Paper-brown sheet (1.00 m large, at least 0.50 m long)
  • Paper adhesive tape
  • String
  • Scissor
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure

Step 2: Design Process

This Tiki Bar is designed to be placed on top of a table. In this way, the table will be the supporting structure, on which you can prepare fantastic snacks and cocktails, underneath an awesome Tiki Bar.

Obviously, the measurement of the different bamboo stick are refereed on which table you will use.

In the image, you can see an overall of the structure. In the first image, I added the measure of the bamboo stick that i used. In the second one, you can see how I reinforce the structure, for make it more solid.

The two CAD are created with Tinkercad.

Step 3: Mark and Cut

First of all, mark with a pencil the necessary length on each bamboo stick. Then, cut them with the hacksaw. At the end, you will have:

  • x2 1.70 m long stick
  • x2 1.40 m long stick
  • x2 1.20 m long stick
  • x2 1.00 m long stick

Make sure to have extra bamboo sticks for later (it will need for reinforce the structure!).

Step 4: Tie Everything

Start from the front of the Tiki Bar:

take your 1.40 m bamboo sticks for the two columns and one of the 1.20 m stick for the beam between them.

With the scissor, cut a long piece of string (as 50 cm long or more) and start to tie two stick together: for make the process easily, make first a simple knot with one of the two string end. Then, start to wrap the string around the cross of the two stick (I used a sort of Diagonal Lashing knot, for more information, search some Instuctables or on YouTube ;) )

Be sure to use enough force for join the two pieces well.

Do the same for the other column. At the end, you will have a U structure, that will be your Tiki Bar facade.

Now, you have to do the same for the back of the Tiki Bar. This time, you have to use the 1.70 m long bamboo sticks for the column, and the last 1.20 m long stick for the beam.

When you have the two U shape structure, you have to join them together: for that scope, use the 1.00 m long bamboo stick.

You finally build the main structure of your Tiki Bar!

Step 5: Reinforce

Now is time to reinforce the structure!

I think you notice that the Tiki Bar for now is a "slightly" rickety... For adjust this, you have to place some extra bamboo stick for create a "Z" structure, as show in the figures.

On the back of the build, place an additional horizontal beam, about at 1.50 m from the ground. Then, put an oblique stick from one summit to another.

Do the same on both side: put a horizontal beam at 40 cm from the ground and then insert an oblique stick.

For know the right length of the oblique parts, you have two metod:

  1. use Pythagoras Theorem
  2. measure with the tape measure the distance between the two summit and add 10 cm

Step 6: Roof and Fringe!

For obtain a typical Hawaiian roof, plenty of fringe, i used a paper-brown sheet; i rolled up it, and cut many straight line for 20-30 cm. In this way, when you will rolled down the paper, you will obtain a very nice effect!

Now, it's all about to use some tape for fix the sheet at the structure beam. You can choose and play on the length of the cut side for made it perfect!

For improve the impact, you can do it 3 o 4 more times, and overlap the different layers one on the other one, at different height.

For the last layer, i recommend to use a long one piece of sheet, for cover all the roof of the Tiki Bar.

Step 7: Get Ready for the Party!!

Finally, your Tiki Bar is ready for use!!

Place it over a table, cover it with colored Christmas lights, put Hawaiian necklace, everything you want, for make it perfect!

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