Hawkeye's Quiver (Film Version)

Introduction: Hawkeye's Quiver (Film Version)

*This isn't the exact design from The Avengers, I changed it slightly to improve its structure when made of cardboard*

I made this as part of my collection of Avengers props/costumes.



Craft/Stanley knife

Cutting Board

Marker Pen


Spray Paint

Hot Glue

Tape (Optional)

Step 1: Material

First, find an image of the quiver on Google. Make sure you can see all angles of it.

Prepare your cardboard, pen and ruler to begin measuring your material. The height of the cardboard should be anywhere from 50cm - 75cm or any length that suits your arrows. Width is fairly subjective, but you want to be able to fold it into the final shape (rounded rectangle) and have enough room inside for as many arrows as you have.

Step 2: Design

Use the image you found to draw the designs onto the cut out cardboard. Try to keep them symmetrical so the they'll line up when you fold the cardboard.

Step 3: Cut-Out

Cut out this design using the craft knife, ruler and cutting board.

Step 4: Glue

With the hot glue gun, fold and stick the two sides of the cardboard together at the symmetrical points of the design. I decided to cover the joins in electrical tape afterwards to strengthen the bonds. Also, I thought it would add a little bit more detail to the quiver after painting it.

Step 5: Detail

At this point, add the holds that sit within the quiver for extra support of the arrows. Use the bottom of the quiver to trace small sections. You will need one for the middle section (or top or wherever your highest support is) and at the bottom, put two, but space them apart to use the lower one as a base.Then use the arrows to poke holes in the two upper supports. Make sure to make the holes wide enough for each arrow to fit in to, but small enough so that the arrows don't move too much. Don't put holes in the bottom section; this will be the base.

Step 6: Paint

Pretty much done now. All that's left is to paint it and add a strap. I used spray paint because it was easiest and probably the best method. Make sure, if you're using spray paint, to do it in a well ventilated area (I just went outside). Give it plenty of time to dry.

Additional details are optional; I left mine as it was.

Step 7: Done!

I haven't yet sorted a strap for mine, as I haven't really been planning on cosplaying as Hawkeye. An easy solution would be to use a solid bag strap (permanent) or one with clips (allows for adjustment later). Load up the arrows, and you're done!

*Captain America shield: (https://www.instructables.com/id/Flying-Captain-Ame...) Thanks to "seamster", and Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) made of my own design.*

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    5 years ago

    Could easily be cut from PVC with a dremel.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    you should do that then, and upload it to the site. I'm sure people would love to see other ways of doing it.

    Awesome job! You should definitely enter this into our Halloween Costume contest! Thanks for sharing!