Hayashi Farm Stand

Hayashi Farm Stand is a concept design for a farm in Arroyo Grande, California. The design of the panels work like fish scales to shed water. The panels pivot open for ventilation and indirect natural light. The pivoting panels also expose both sides of the panels with the graphic identity of the farm to the passing traffic. Project by Setareh Taghvaei and Reynaldo Kambey.

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Step 1: Panels

Panels are cut from 36"x36" 18 gauge sheet metal. Panels are bent at score lines to create depth and the back flap is bent in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Foundation and Structure

Pour concrete foundation. Steel structure is embedded into concrete foundation. The pivoting poles are attached as a secondary system to the structure.

Step 3: Insert Panels

Insert panels through backflap into poles starting with the bottom panel. Each panel on top will partially cover the previous panel to create the effect of scales.

Step 4: Roof

Assemble sloped roof to the main structure.

Step 5: Photos of Various Positions

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