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Introduction: He/She Bosom Buddy Valentine for Lonely Cats

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Face it...sleeptime is better with a buddy.   If you are like my cat (who is planning on being alone this Valentine's Day) treat yourself/it to a reversible he/she bosom buddy for those nights no one is around.

I'm not talking about the squeaky inflatable kind that leaks under pressure, but rather one you can create to satisfy any feline gender and ensure a good night sleep!


Step 1: Gather Materials

*Long sleeve T-shirt
*Rectangular Shaped Pillow - either regular bed size or body size
*Round Shaped Pillow
*Quilt Batting - apx 36" x 4'
*pair of knee high - in your favorite skin color
*12" of cord
*Metal coat hanger - straightened out and bent on the ends to approximate the length of your arm 

Flatten out the quilt batting and angle the coat hanger at the bottom corner.  Roll loosely until the ends of the coat hanger are covered by the batting.  Bring the edges of the batting to the center and continue rolling - tighter at the bottom and looser/fuller at the top.

Consider basting (optional) to keep from unrolling.  You have now created the "arm".

Step 2: Give Shape to the Arm

Starting at the elastic top of one knee high, gather from the elastic top to the toe.  Slip this over the "arm", easing it up to the center of the "arm". 

Turn "arm" over and repeat using the other knee high.  The point where the 2 elastic bands meet, forms the "elbow".

Figure out which side of your body you/your cat prefers to sleep on and place the "arm" into the opposite T-shirt sleeve.  Be sure to bend the "elbow" to give it that cuddle quality.

Step 3: Create the HE Chest

Place the rectangular pillow into the shirt and extend the end of the upper "arm" so that the two meet.

You now have a one-arm HE to cuddle with...BUT WAIT...maybe you/your cat likes women?  If so, flip it over and working with the other side...

Step 4: Create a SHE Bosum

Center the cord around the top of the round pillow, and tie a square knot as tightly as possible (right over left/left over right) to keep the knot from slipping. 

(The one round pillow now has 2 firm shapes which are hopefully of similar size)

Slip this shape under the T-Shirt, to resemble the SHE of your bosom buddy.

Step 5: Try It on for Size

Depending on your orientation, you might find the shoulder of the HE more comfortable than the bosom of the SHE. 

Or if you happen to be my cat, nothing beats snuggling around a warm body - - regardless of gender - - on Valentine's Day!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think every cat should have one.  What a loved cat you have!


    10 years ago on Introduction

     Wow! I need that, it will keep my cat from getting out of my instructable pictures!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

     I have a cat in desperate need of this. He can't sleep with me at night anymore because he keeps me up the entire time. :P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ha ha. Neat. You cat looks distinctly unimpressed. :D