Head Shaped Mini Shelf




Introduction: Head Shaped Mini Shelf

Make your own organizer for small objects.

Store small things such as jewerly, cosmetics, coins...

Customize it: Download "Head.3dmk" file and edit it, change dimensions and more using Autodesk 123D Make.

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Step 1: Cut the Parts

You can either :

print the parts from the PDF Document (Parts.pdf) , tape them on top of your 3/16" or 3mm Plywood and cut them with a Jig Saw,


use the file and cut them with a laser cutter.

Step 2: Assemble

Assembling the parts is the easiest thing to do!,

Interlock the pieces one by one as shown in the animation

All pieces in assembling order:

1. Y-1

2. Z-1

3. Z-2

4. Z-3

5. Z-4

6. Y-2

7. Y-3

8. Y-4

Step 3: A Little Paint and It's Done!

Paint it with spray paint or acryic paint, any color you want.

And you're done!

Organize your desktop with your new head shaped mini shelf!.

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3 years ago

Kewl Design...thanks for sharing


3 years ago

Simple and kind of funky. I really like it! :)