Head on a Platter

About: First off I am single lol. I do a new costume every year, always raising the Bar, I am a tinkerer, I design invent and build prototypes manly tools and of course costumes. would love a career in the field ha...

step one.. take 2 x 10 planks cutting them 1' 9" and 2 pieces 3' 10 1/2 "

step two cut 5/8th piece of plywood 4' x 2' cutting 1 1/2 squares out of each corner.

step three make three cornered box leave spaces in corners for legs.

step 4 cut another piece of plywood 4' x 2' cutting hole in center big enough for your head.

step 5 cut 2 x 4 plywood and add swivel 4" wheels to front and solid 4' wheels to back.

add bolsters or just 2x2's as legs connecting your table together.

step 6 cut a piece of 1/4 " plywood so that it fits compfortably down your back with a nice sized base level with the middle of your buttocks.. attach a 1 in pipe welded to a 4' by 4' steel base 1/4 " sheet steel, to center of plywood base above buttocks. add padding where needed.

step 7 make phony body with foam rubber leaving center hollow add foam head and a mask either store bought or create your own but I will not get into that buy one if you have never worked with foam latex.

mount the head onto a piece of pipe smaller than the piece on plywood base and drill a hole 1/2 " higher than the base pipe mounted to plywood base that goes above buttocks, and slide a bar through that hole l not protrude past phony body sides put head on pipe and slide pipe through the phoney body add cross bar through pipe..

step 8 clothe body and add gloves & phony hands .

step 9 cut serving tray in half and a hole big enough for you neck on one side

step 10 hook two rods one to each end of the rod through the pipe about three ft long.( this is so you can control turning the head.)

step 10 cut table cloth to fit cutting hole in center.

step 11 secure plywood to body and slide into the box putting head through the hole.

step 12 have helper adjust fake body in pipe slot ,fasten hand to table, slide tray under chin and ajust

step 13 FREAK everyone out walking around and partying.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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    WARNING, TO WEAR THIS COSTUME YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE VERY FLEXABLE. Perhaps 1 out of 30 or 40 people can bend this way. I find it comfortable my Daughter not so much but she could fit.

    I am setting up a better tutorial with pics, have to take pics though and video, all I have is my phone so I cant hold the phone and video, already cut off one finger making Ghost rider lol. Takes a bit to figure site layout and it doesn't always accept pics and doesn't size them to fit so it took hours to get this up. typo's I will change as soon as contests r over but it took two days for them to accept entry don't want to change something and miss contest altogether. Thank you for the Ghost rider video advise I hope you enjoyed it. I have people coming to my house asking to see it..

    pretty self explanatory directions should pretty much cover the building of it. being viewed a ton but contest entries still under review. that's like 264 possible votes down the tubes. Could have done more pics but took over an hour to get a pic to fit in the allocated pic. window always too big.


    it's your rear end . and one person but you will need help getting in and out of costume also you have to be uncannily flexible. I should put down a Warning before ppl make this I have only met 3 ppl that can bend enough to wear it and I have let hundreds try at th contests.