HeadBuds (Headband-earBuds)




Tired of your earbuds falling out of your ear when you go for a run? Want to find an easier way to enjoy your music without earaches from the prolonged usage of your earphones? Look no further, here's a virtually inexpensive and lightning quick way to solve your problems.


Step 1: Ah the Ingenuity... Get Them Scissors Out!

Here's the dealio. You've got a headband, you poke 2 holes in it, slip the earbuds through them and voila -- HeadBuds.

As far as cutting holes in the headband, don't make any craters, hehe. You only want a slit so that the buds fit in snug and won't fall out.

Start by cutting one tiny hole one side of the headband. The hole should be just big enough for you to get your pinky through.

Put the head band on and align the hole with your left ear. Now find where the headband goes over your right ear, take off the headband, and cut a slit there. Now you got a headband with two holes exactly where your ears are.

Step 2: Stick 'em Through...

Now that the holes are done, all you have to do is put the earbuds in. And you've got it!

I took it out for a test run and yes I did look ridiculous with a bright blue headband with wires, but I'm pleased to say that it worked marvelously. No falling out of earbuds, no earache, just great. I did notice that I had to turn the volume up a bit more, but I guess that's because the buds weren't completely in my ear. Wasn't really a bother. Anyways, have fun with this. Instead of a headband, you can even use those ear-warmers or a beanie that goes over your ears.

Be sure to comment. Take care.



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    10 Discussions

    Win Guy

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Woah, dude, sorry if you think I copied you with my headphone mod - I had no idea that you had already made "Head-Buds".
    Win Guy

    2 replies
    skip2mylouWin Guy

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No worries bro, your mod was really useful, I referred to it when shortening my PC headset, so thanks!

    Win Guyskip2mylou

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No problemo. And by the way, if you liked it, please vote for it on may 1st! Thanks.
    Win Guy

    Lance Mt.

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I ended up having my mp3 sewn directly into the headband, with the earphones INSIDE the headband. If i could redo it (which i no doubtably will..) i would have cut the wires and made them shorts (._.)

    (my pm3 below. Perfect for the job. [samsung YP-S2 'pebble')