Headband Holder

Introduction: Headband Holder

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I needed something to corral my daughter's headbands....thanks to a piece of PVC pipe I made this headband holder in less than 30 minutes.  It's not real pretty but it gets the job done!

I used:
4" PVC pipe cut down to 11" long
quilt batting
moleskin fabric
hot glue gun
paper towel holder

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Hot glue the batting around the pipe, cover with a  piece of fabric ( I used moleskin because I wanted it to have some "grip" to it - velvet, flannel, or fleece would work, too) and hot glue over the edges of the pipe.

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I wanted to mount it inside the cupboard under the bathroom sink so I used a paper towel holder.  You could also use a paper towel holder stand and keep it out in the open on the vanity or shelf. 

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