Headboard, Bedside Table or Shelving?




Introduction: Headboard, Bedside Table or Shelving?

First time sorry for my english, im native spanish and take some help about google translate for some words. Its my first instructable.

Sometime i do small works, specially on rent apartments than the last tenants left broken. This time i make some works in a small apartment and owner reclaimed to me about bed position from an existing column and i said him about make a some headboard mixed with bedside table, i have an idea and green light to go ahead and make it.

Step 1: Take Measuraments

The more important thing for this proyect is make measuraments about the space i can use for work and sit down with a paper, pencil and calm, for develop some designs with exactly measuraments and make the exploded for go to the woodshop because i not have good tools for make the correct cuts and place for handle the entire tables. Apologies because i forgot to take a photos about the designs i make and other papers i used for decide the correct measuraments.

Only rest go to buy wood and return to apartment.

Step 2: Surprise!!

I`m really ungry because i left exactly measurements on paper and collect the pieces, later, when arrived at apartment and try to strat i discover that any parts are equal and need to sand all pieces to equalize, option was give all and drive 60km to return and demand news and drive another 60km, I can only resign and spend hours sanding and never return to Leroy Merlin to buy cutted wood.

Step 3: Start Assembling

Its easy to assembly it, maybe at first time until discover diferent surprises, i have the plans/instructions on a paper, its the wirst i made for buy cutted plywod pieces, the worst is remake the bad cuttings, its some to play with lego, pùt a wheels and try the movement.

Step 4: Start Making the Outside of the Headboard

I use the shelving part for test measurements and watch more surprises about the column and other places and i need to use router to make thiner some parts for left place for move the shelving free.

Step 5: Great Idea, Put Some Plugs for Smartphones and Laptops Charguers

Where i place the headboard, i need to pass a wire for put a plugs in the next room, I took the opportunity to put the power cord plugs there too.

Step 6: Making the Type Book Drawers and Finishing

I continue assembling taking care about the part is finished, put table and screw, put table and screw... only have difficults to install the hinges and need to play with screws and diferent postitions. I finally it with two hands of wood protector

Step 7: Decorating

It only remains clean and put some curtains that make play and stay beautiful, apartment ready for new tenants



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    12 Discussions

    great instructible, keep them coming ,obviously you got some skills to show off.

    p.s. your English is fine

    Beautiful and functional. Thanks for posting.

    great job! I love the addition of the outlets, very practical. I'm totally saving this build for future reference :)

    Benidorm, near Alicante, im not the owner, but yes is still for rent

    thanks, ususally i do the works as a DIY, i think what i like if i made this for me? and i always have almost one smartphone an a laptop in my bedside table, three is a good number if two people sleep in the bed...

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome to Instructables!

    1 reply

    thanks, time ago i know the site and would like to share anything, i have more ideas for share, time to time ;) i cant spend money for materials and need to wait the oportunity to play with hardtools ;)

    Great idea, great job! Very practical and conscientious with the electrical support - thinking ahead!

    1 reply

    thanks so much, it´s a smaller apartment for rent and needs storage space, owner is very happy with the work