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Today I will tell you how I made a headboard for the bed ( you can reed how I did bed ). I couldn't decide which headboard I should do. And then I saw the slatted headboard. I liked it so much that I decided to make something similar. Counted the cost, it turned out inexpensive. Estimated cost $ 35.

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Step 1:

At hardware store saw вoards, and I really liked their corrugated structure. The material is alder. The bed itself is made of pine, it is very different in color and texture from the alder. But I still decided to stop at the alder.

Step 2:

I buy:

Boards 1800*45*15 mm - 13 PCs. 28$

Furniture Board 1200*200*20 – 1 PCs 7$

Step 3:

First of all I made shelves. From the furniture Board it came 4 shelves. It's size 30*20 cm.

Step 4:

I'm going to start making the headboard.

I saw off 3 boards 565 mm long (9 boards 45 mm + 8 indents for shelves 20mm). Then I take 2 boards and twist them at a 90 degree angle. I put the shelf against the first Board. Then I put another Board. And squeeze all with a clamp. Fix the second Board. Repeat procedure with the next row.

Step 5:

Then fasten the sides. I will connect with pocket hole jig. It's my homemade conductor

Step 6:

Marking, where i need to drill holes

Step 7:

After I assembled the headboard, I carefully sanded the surface.

Step 8:

I found the rest of the RGB led tape. I decided to use it. I stick it on the perimeter, additionally glue with thermal glue.

Step 9:

It remains only to hang on the wall

Step 10:

The number of shelves and the location you can chose as you like.

Step 11:

In the dark the headboard looks even more spectacular!

Now, the bed was finished. It looks great in the interior. In the evenings, the lighting creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere. It is also important that it is 100% exclusive and the budget is not badly affected.

That's all. Until next time!

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    8 Discussions


    11 days ago

    Very nice headboard! And your homemade pocket hole jig is pretty ingenious. You could make an instructable on how to make one of those - that would be really neat to see the process! : )

    5 replies

    Reply 11 days ago

    Thank you! Ok i will try to do instructuble for my jig hole. In what category i can post it? In tools?


    Reply 10 days ago

    I think that would be a great place for it : )


    Reply 6 days ago

    That looks so good, thank you for letting me know. Excellent!!


    Reply 9 days ago

    Subscribed. Eagerly waiting for the instructable:)


    Question 10 days ago

    I love this and will definitely make it. How are you attaching it to the wall? I guess that most of the weight is supported by the bed but thinking of the potential for it to dislodge onto my head if not affixed well.

    1 answer

    Reply 9 days ago

    hello! i used such mounts for shelves on the wall. They are hidden and hold the load well