Headless Ghosts of the 1700s

Aladdin and Phoenix are dressed as Headless Ghosts of the 1700's, the Gray Gentleman and the Luminous Lady. The Luminous Lady cut off the Gray Gentleman's head in anger, and now he carries it each Halloween.

We hand-made these costumes for our dogs Aladdin (The Gray Gentleman) and Phoenix (The Luminous Lady). We got a long jacket for the Gray Gentleman Ghost in shades of blue and gray. We took a lot of measurements to determine where to put a hole in the jacket, so that it would be at the right height for the dog's head, and would just fit around his head, without extra space when he put it on. We bought a white mannequin torso form, which we painted to look ghostly, by dry-brushing it with gray paint, and adding red paint to make it look a little bloody. For the Luminous Lady, we got a gray dress with netting. We cut the ends of the dress so it would look jagged and more ghost-like. We stuffed the gloves for both outfits with stuffing and attached them to the arms of the outfits. For the headless ghost, we attached one hand above and one hand below the hole where the dog's head would go, so that the gloves appeared to be holding up his head when he put it on. We added a old fashioned styled gray wig for the female ghost and a sword, which we also painted to look bloody, and attached it to one of the hands, so it looked like she was holding it. We also added a gray wig for the male ghost. We did not digitally alter this photo in any way.

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