Headless Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume




Introduction: Headless Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

About: Artist living and working in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

This costume was created for Halloween 2006. I have detailed the creation process for Make magazine, but here is just a quick look at my photos. Here is the link to a portion of the instructions:



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    Desde España Islas Canarias¡ amante de los carnavales mas importantes a nivel internacional¡ te doy la enhirabuena por tus diseños, lucineste disfraz hace unos años gracias a ti, fue un exito, este año ire a por el de contorsionista. Gracias por tu ayuda

    Your imagination is amazing, and your ability to create what you imagine even more-so. Big thumbs up!

    Wow, so nice I love this! You did an amazing job!!!!