Headless Zomby Woman Carrying Her Own Head on a Box

Introduction: Headless Zomby Woman Carrying Her Own Head on a Box

Hi!! This is my handmade costume that I decided to make for this year Halloween.

I had the idea in my head for a long time but I thought it was going to be very difficult to make as I didn't have the half body of a mannequeen. However, I decided to make this half body myself.

I took a box, long and as wide as my own body, I wrap it with a piece of sponge that I had at home from a baby basket (I recycle and keep everything I can use for craft projects), and I dress it with a polo neck top. I also rolled a bit of sponge to make the neck and painted with read and green blood. I fill in the arms with scarfs.

I made some holes on the box to attach string (this string will later attach the fake body to my body) I then wore matching colors, my tights purple and pink similar to the top that the fake body was wearing, and I also put a long shirt to hide how this fake body was attach to my body.

Then I made the outside box, very simple, opened one side to put my body through and put a half lid to cover my shoulders but the effect was as if the box was open. I filled the box in with some bags, fabric pieces, etc and i made sure i had a bit of space on the bottom to put my fingers through comfortably so I could hold the box effortlessness.

I attached a couple of gloves to the box and filled them in with anything I found such as pieces of fabric or toilet roll, lol! and that is!!

I attached the fake half body to my back, and put my head through the box, dirty the clothes with baby powder and blood and I make up as a zomby, white face with red and green blood! You cal also put more blood on the box.

Hope you like it!!!! Everyone was impressed when I went out!

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