Headlight Clamp for Your Bike




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Step 1: Materials

What you need:
1 PVC tee fitting (3/4 in) $.33
1 hose clamp (SS Clamp) $1.15
any bright LED flash light
1 rubber band
1 adhesive rubber $.25
1/8 drill bit and an eletric drill
a coping saw (it's even nicer and faster if you have a scroll saw and a band saw)
optional: 3/4 pvc pipe about 2-5 in, a coupling if you have one laying around in your gargage.  
your time (less than 30 min)

Step 2: Draw Your Lines to Cut

draw lines to fit with your flashlight.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom Side First

Step 4: Drill Holes Along the Line (both Sides)

Step 5:

Step 6: Final Product

After cutting, smoothing out all edges, and a good paint job.

Step 7:

Insert the hose clamp (SS Clamp)

Step 8:

Attach the whole thing to your bike handle bar.

Step 9: Instruction on PDF

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    For areas where the weather gets really hot, you might try substituting a girl's silicone band bracelet for the rubber band. It should hold up much better to heat.