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Introduction: Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration kits cost a fortune! And most don't even work. That leaves many people stuck driving around with foggy headlights. Not only does this ruin the appearance of the vehicle, it also restricts light.
There is a solution, Toothpaste! Everyone has it (I hope), and it can be bought cheaply. Never drive with foggy headlights again!

Step 1: Tools

All you will need for this is 3 simple items.
A spray bottle (or a hose)
A rag

I have heard that whiting toothpaste can damage, so I made sure to get the most basic toothpaste I could find. Sorry car, no pearly white teeth for you.

Step 2: Apply

Spray some water one the headlight, then put toothpaste onto the rag, use a nice big glob. Then rub away. A couple of minutes each lens is enough to make a difference. Reapply toothpaste as needed. I should have done it longer and focused more on the spots that need it.

Step 3: Wash

Once you finish rinse off with a hose. I tried using the spray bottle but a hose is much easier.

Step 4: Compare

The first picture is the before, and the last two are the after. I did not receive amazing results as other people have, but driving at night there is a huge difference. The headlights are much brighter, and now much safer to drive with.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    By all means try toothpaste first and see how it works for you. The more abrasive the paste the better. If that doesn't work for you, I bought the 3M cleaner that uses an electric drill for $18 at Walmart. It works fantastic and, once you've done it once, takes about 5 minutes per headlight. Here's a link to a YouTube demo.