Headphone Hanger

Introduction: Headphone Hanger

make a headphone hanger for your computer table

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

1.Self adhesive hook
2.Rubber bands 3-4
3.Binder clip
3.Some kind of foam (any type to add cushion i used a piece of foam tube)
4.A headphone?(very important)

did you notice double "3". it doesn't mean you are not brilliant. don't worry go on to next step

Step 2: Stick Your Self Adhesive Hook to Your Table

stick your self adhesive hook to your table/wall/anywhere you want just make sure it'll stick with the surface Strong enough to hold your headphone's weight

Step 3: Binder Clip Step

take a binder clip and tie the two heads with rubber band so that it won't separate

Step 4: Tie the Foam

Tie the foam to one head of the binder clip using rubber band

Step 5: Hang the Clip

hang the binder clip like shown in this picture(this pic was taken before i tie the foam to the binder clip). now you are almost ready

Step 6: Your Headphone Hanger Is Ready

hang your headphone between the binder clip heads. before doing it make sure your adhesive hook is strongly stuck on the surface else your headphone will fall off very soon. if needed wait for an hour or two.

Step 7: Bonus Step

the binder clip will shake a little bit when putting a headphone on it. but it doesn't affect your hanger performance. in case if you want it not to move you can stick a double side tape to one side of the binder clip so that it'll also stick to the table/wall/etc

Happy Headphone Hanger DIY Enjoy show your skills post yours in comments

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