Headphone Hat





Introduction: Headphone Hat

Whether you want to conceal your headphones, have more comfortable headphones, or just keep your head warm while listening to music, the Headphone hat is a cheap, easy, and quick.

all you need is an old pair of over-the-head headphones, a wool hat with inner lining, and a needle and thread.

Please keep in mind that this is the way I did it, there are scores of other ways this may be done. If you don't have exactly what I have, or disagree with my methods, harness your creativity and make a better one.

Step 1: Harvest the Phones

Using tools or brute force, remove the speakers from the housings of a pair of headphones

Step 2: Make the First Incision, Doctor

locate where on your hat you want to place the head phones; most likely in the earflaps, near the ear. Toward the lower edge of where you want the speaker cut a slot, since my lining was stretchy fleece my slot was smaller than the diameter of the speaker.

Slide the phones one at a time thru the slot, finagle the speaker for the opposite side to the other ear flap

Step 3: Sew 'em Back Up

once the speakers are roughly in place, and the excess wire is in the hat, move one speaker into direct position and prepare a needle and thread.

First, sew between the outer shell and lining, a line across the diameter of the speaker. Then, sew another diameter perpendicular to the first. you may want to make sure both stitches are on the inside for aesthetic purposes.

Next make stitches between the outer and inner parts of the hat, around the circumference of the speaker, holding it in place. If you are sewing the side with the incision, it is possible to sew it closed with the same stitches that will hold the speaker in place.

Repeat the process with the other speaker.

When done with stitching the speakers, it may be a good idea to stitch the wires out of the way.

put on your hat and your coat, you can now listen to your indy music out in the cold without fussing with headphones.



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    20 Discussions

    cool instructable !!! but my teachers allow me to listen music in class via head phones :)

    wear a hoodie and put the hood on. it worked at r skool 4 a long time but then some ppl got caught.

    awesome hat man i used to have one like that for snowboarding......i lost it tho

    been working on this same idea.....but in just a head band kinna thing.....same concept.......thanks.......

    Dude great idea.It is better than buying a 50 dollar one

    I saw something like this for sale at the mall for I think $30. Great savings if you've got a spare set of headphones. That's a sweet hat too. Where'd you get it?

    that's cool!i have a hat like that. is the sound quality good? or do you have to play the music really loud to hear it? haha nice instructable!

    Cool ! When I am carving at a fair I can listen to music and not seem to be rude to people asking questions with the ear buds hanging off or stuck in one ear

    Cool, looks easy to do, smart idea! P.S. This can't be in the LionBrand Yarn Challenge, or the Get the LED Out! Challenge, this isn't in that category.

    2 replies

    I honestly didn't read what the challenges were about, too lazy. I figured my chances were slim even if this did qualify.

    Heh. Well, I check a lot of Instructables, and some members accidentally, or don't know about the challenges, so they just add them in because it has the checking box. And dude, don't be negative, this Instructable is awesome!