Headphone Speakers

Introduction: Headphone Speakers

Step 1: Intro

Today i am going to show you how to make a speaker out of an old pair of headphones.
All you need is tape, printer paper, headphones scissors and screwdrivers

Step 2: Taking Your Headphones Apart

First pull off one of the speaker covers, they are usually meant to come off. Then unscrew the screws around the speaker.

Step 3: Cutting the Right Wires

Now you have to cut the wires connecting to the next ear phone, be careful, wrong wire and you could wreak your project.

Step 4: The Hard Part

Now you have to snap the part were the wire goes through the plastic in the earphone. I used pliers and grabbed on and twisted, hope it works for you :)

Step 5: Sound

If you have plugged in your phone and tried to listen to music, you will have noticed it sounds muffled, now you have to make a tube with the paper and tape it.

Step 6: Finish

All you have to do now is place the tube on top of the earphone, plug it in, and play music! Thanks for looking at my instructable, hope it works! :)



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    2 Discussions

    add electrical tape to the bare wires on the back of the speaker, the wires may fall of the solder

    I've always loved this type of passive audio amplifier. Great job!