Headphone Stand, Wireless 1.0



Introduction: Headphone Stand, Wireless 1.0

My first, and not last, attempt at a Headphone stand. (I do need one for the home and work office).

Step 1: Credit Is Due to the Wood Workshop for the Design

I was looking for a design and found the one posted by "The Wood Workshop" https://www.instructables.com/id/Headphones-Stand/ and used it as my start for the design.

Step 2: Finding the Wood

I did not have a full sized piece of wood that could be molded, and started with the idea of laminating some plywood together. This again became difficult, as I did not have enough "left over" to make a solid piece, and was reluctant to sacrifice a full 4x8 sheet for this project. My first layup would have had a large gap in the middle, as well as another problem,...

Step 3: No Bandsaw

I do not have a band saw, and my jigsaw blade was not going to be long enough to cut through the 4 ply blank.

So starting looking for options.

Step 4: Copper Pipe

I went with one and an half inch lengths of copper pipe that I had in the shop. I cut three sections, and placed 2 on the bottom and one on the top (that actually holds the headband). This gave me the distance to rest the ear cups on the side, as well as a bit different aesthetic than a full block of wood.

Step 5: Final Product

The final product, once stained, turned out functional.

I all ready have a version 2.0 in mind, that will have supports in the front for a tablet or phone.

Thanks to all who have posted headphone stand Instructables, as there is a lot of inspiration and great designs out there!

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