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Pensa's own Peter Chung drew up this design for a Bendable headphone stand. He initially fabricated it with 2D bends and 3D-printed connectors. In refining the design we thought: Why not make it even better? And what way to make it better than to make it all metal?! We used the DIWire's 2.5D bending capabilities to bend the arm and then spot-welded it to the circular base. We'll give you the files for both so you can make the printed connecting pieces or try your hand at 2.5D bends. We'd love to see what happens! Let us know how it goes.


Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials and Tools

Step 2: Start Bending

We used two Pause Points for this bend, allowing us to rotate the wire mid-bend...

Step 3: Finish Bending

...and then end up with a 3D bend consisting of two parallel curves.

Step 4: Weld

We spot-welded the joints but you could alternatively use 3D printed connectors.

Step 5: Listen to Some Music



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