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Introduction: Headphone Wall Hook

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I got a giant pair of headphones a few years back, and I love them! The problem is though, I don't have a good place to put them. I would leave them sitting on my desk, but I love covering my desk in papers and things so it got to be a huge mess. At the same time, if I shove them in a drawer it's a pain to pull them out and put them back every time I listen to music (it's not that much of a pain, I'm just lazy). Putting them on the floor would be, well, bad, so the only way to go is up!

Step 1: Supplies

For my hook I used

- A 1/8" x 3/4" flat aluminum strip

- A velcro Command Strip (capable of holding 3 lbs.)

- A small piece of black fleece

- Fabric glue

- Kitchen shears

- A dremel (with cutting wheel)

- A sturdy, small diameter metal rod

- Heavy boots

If you attempt to make this and do not use these exact supplies, I can not guarantee your safety. Who knows what would happen if you tried to use an attractive looking piece of wood, or part of a PVC pipe as a hook. Marking with something other than a permanent marker could yield...temporary results. And don't get me started on different kinds of glue.

Step 2: Get Bending

How far out do you want your hook to protrude from the wall?

A good place to start is: how far does it have to to support my headphones?

Mark from the end of the strip the length that you want it to stick out. Then, on a hard surface that isn't easily damaged (concrete, asphalt, etc)

1. Place the aluminum strip on the ground

2. Place your rigid metal rod on top of the mark you made (perpendicular to the strip)

3. Place your boot-wearing feet on the strip

4. Pull up on the strip. The closer your grip is to the rod, the sharper your bend will be, and unless you're a bodybuilder you probably want it as sharp as you can get it.

If you have a vice, it might be possible to use that instead. Also, a sturdy fence and a hammer (don't break the fence!), or maybe a sturdy hammer and a second hammer? However you bend it, be careful!

Step 3: Fleece It (With Fleece)

Did you know that was an acceptable use of the word fleece? I didn't.

Now this step is not entirely necessary, but I feel that it adds some protection to the band of my headphones.

Cut out a rectangle of fabric that's large enough to wrap around the hook-part of your aluminum strip.

Cut notches into it so it covers the hook nicely and doesn't fold over onto itself.

Apply glue to the hook and affix the fabric.

Step 4: Where Can We Hang?

Pretend your in a real situation where you're reaching for your headphones.

What's a convenient spot to reach out to?

Try placing your headphones there. Don't let go though, because you haven't actually put up the hook yet.

Now, while you're holding your headphones to the wall, place the hook under them and tape it to the wall.

Now try using it. Does that feel right? Good. Mark on your wall where you want the finished hook to go.

Check the side view. You can always start over if you don't like the way your headphones are hanging.

Step 5: Time to Cut and Stick

From the bend in your aluminum strip, ensure that you have enough room for a command strip to fit, and mark somewhere above that. You may have decided in the last step that you want an exceptionally tall hook; again, I make no promises if you don't follow these steps exactly.

(Just kidding, I make no promises period)

Now take your dremel or cutting tool of choice and cut along your mark. Use some sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges, and attach the command strips as indicated on their packaging.

Still like that spot on the wall? Go ahead and affix the hook to the wall, and enjoy!

If you make your own hook either following these instructions, or because this instructable inspired you, please post a picture! I would love to see the final result and I'm sure others would too.

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    Nice. It sure beats my usual method of throwing my headphones in a cluttered drawer of random stuff in my desk.